ANU Jazz Orchestra

2023 Artists

The ANU Jazz Orchestra has relaunched in 2023, bringing together performers from the ANU School of Music jazz and contemporary program, and outstanding musicians from other disciplines across the university. Directed by Greg Stott, ANUJO plays traditional big band repertoire as well as music from contemporary Australian Composers.

Amber McCulloch – Saxophone
Daniel Shi – Saxophone
Melinda Fule – Saxophone
Quinn Weber – Saxophone
Mereki Leten – Saxophone
Fergus Mashman – Saxophone
Jarell Cubarrubia – Saxophone
Kate Katheklakis – Saxophone
Tom Priest – Saxophone
Maya Taib – Trumpet
Jess Hill – Trumpet
Nicholas Mallinson – Trumpet
Rory Villegas – Trumpet
Llewellyn Osborne – Violin
Jeremy Tsuei – Bass
Oliver Stott – Drums
Jarrod Hunter – Guitar
Olivia Uebergang – Guitar

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