Cat Collective

2023 Artists

The Cats Collective is a group of emerging young artists from NSW with a bluesy soul groove. Their members, each with their own instrumental niche, combine together to create smooth, groovy tunes bound to get you up and moving. It is important that the musical outcome invites rich tracks and tight rhythms which get the audience encased in the music. Eli, a 22 year old musician from Orange NSW, has been brought up by many musicians from a very young age and over the past 4 years has been crafting his own songs. Tzzy, drumming for eight years, has had many talented musicians and amazing people support her and get her to where she is today. Sam, the bassist, says that “music is one of his passions and he enjoys playing and performing whenever possible”. Liam, an emerging blues and funk artist, has been self taught for upwards of 5 years, learning and producing with the wealth of knowledge available on the internet.

Liam Guilder – Piano
Sam Betts – Bass
Eli Stanford – Guitar and Vocals
TzzY Taylor – Drums

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