2023 Artists

Torrio’s performances are marked by their astounding interplay and passionate playing. Paul Grabowsky is one of the most respected musical artists in Australia. Niko Schauble is one of the most creative drummers in Australia and has an association with Paul Grabowsky, dating back over three decades. Since moving to Melbourne, expatriate Italian saxophonist Guerrini has impressed with the depth and authority of his playing in a broad range of genres.

Torrio’s performances range across the boundaries of genre, referencing the various traditions that have inspired them, from jazz and contemporary classical music to pop and soundtrack composition. They are closely attuned; Grabowsky and Schäuble have worked together for nearly thirty years, a relationship reflected in a deep rapport. In Guerrini, they have found the perfect collaborator, a musical polymath whose artistic curiosity matches theirs, resulting in a trio of equals. The result is music without frontiers, playful, joyful, and deep.

Paul Grabowsky – piano
Mirko Guerrino – saxophone
Niko Schauble – drums

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